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This page is set aside for all documents pertaining to the 2017 Trial.  Scroll down to the bottom for most recent additions to this page.​

Enclosed please find the following documents which have been filed in this matter on behalf of Dr. L. Curtis Widdoes, Jr.:


Note for Motion

Amended Note for Motion

Motion to Compel

Motion to Strike

Notice of Appearance (Limited)

Note For Trial Date Request (PDF)

Response To Welker Motion For Protective Order

Widdoes Reply To Welker Response--Motion To Compel

Corrected Notice of Continuance And Completion of Deposition Of Abigail Welker

Declaration Of Widdoes In Rebuttal To Plaintiffs' Omnibus Oppostion

Order Granting Widdoes' Motion To Compel & Request For Fees & Denying Plaintiff's Motion

• Order Denying Widdoes' Motion To Strike

• Order Granting Motion For Separate Trials


• Letter Side Road PDF

• Renote for Presentation PDF

• Side Roads Order PDF

• Main Road Order PDF

This page updated 12/22/17

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