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The Mount Dallas


The year was 1989.  Microsoft was releasing a program called Office that would revolutionize the way we write, calculate, and make presentations.  The Berlin wall came down.  Rain Man won the Oscar for Best Picture.  The satellites we use for GPS were just being launched.  Gas prices “hit the roof” at $1.13/gallon. Chicago had the Billboard top song of the year with "Look Away". And on a small island called San Juan Island, the Mount Dallas (Road) Association was born.  Our shared roads have been looked after by hard working volunteers for 32 years now.


Since that humble beginning, our association has grown from a small handful of members to 62 members.  Our Association has 5 miles of road that we collectively maintain and preserve, including 2.06 miles of paved roads, and 3 miles of gravel roads.  Our Association is comprised of 62 property owners spanning 84 properties.  Since inception, we have managed to also improve our phone service from a measly 12 pair of phone line to 100 pairs.  We have slowly managed to enter the 21st Century with the addition of high speed Internet service.  Homeowners also now have access to secure, locking mailboxes, and we have been a Firewise Community since 2005!

Currently, we have 84 properties, of which 43 are developed, and 41 vacant/undeveloped properties.  Our mountain community basks in sunshine nearly 250 days a year, and averages 26 inches of rainfall.  

Current Board Members (2023-2024):

Matt Moss, President

Bill Severson, Treasurer

Jill Staton, Secretary

Diana Siebert, Director

Mark Sheppard, Director

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