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Mount Dallas Board Members, Committee Members


The success of an volunteer organization is the participation of its members.  Our Board members are all volunteer and are elected for a one year term.  Our association has benefitted from the participation of dozens of members, who have served in various capacities as Board members or as consultants to the Board. Email links and phone numbers to current Board members provided where applicable.  If you have any general questions for the Board, you can email them here.

Current Board Members (2023-2024):

Matt Moss, President

Bill Severson, Treasurer

Jill Staton, Secretary

Diana Sibert, Member At Large

Mark Sheppard, Member at Large

Committee Members (2023-2024):

Finance and Administration Committee:

• Bill Severson

• Curt Widdoes

• Matt Moss

Road Committee:

• Royce Meyerott

• Matt Moss

• Bob Tauscher

• John Boyd

• Mark Sheppard

• Teric Staton

Firewise & Emergency Preparedness Committee:

• Laura Jo Severson

• Sandy Hawley

• Bob Tauscher

• Anita Bailor

• Terri Zambrovitz




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